Where to Find Music for Youtube Videos

I’m sure there are many places to find music to use in your videos, but for me the two most important criteria are:

  • I want it to be easy and
  • I want to be positive not to break any copyrights.

So yesterday I reached the point in my editing process where I was ready to take the next step and add music to my videos.

So what do you do when you want to do something you don’t know how to do?

Of course you ask your spouse first. Google would then have been my second option. (Yes honey, you are my number one 🙂 )

Luckily there is usually an easy solution if you just know where to search. This time the right answer was even closer than I had imagined.

When doing videos for Youtube you can find music in the Youtube Studio. Yes, I didn’t know that.

When you are in the Youtube Studio on your computer you can see the Audio Library on the left side bar. Note that the Audio Library is unreachable using the Youtube Studio App on your phone.

In the Audio Library you can search music by genre, mood, instrument, length and attribution.

When you click on an audio file you see what you are allowed to do with it. Some audios you can use freely in your videos. For some they tell you what you have to write in the video description if you choose to use it.

The End Result

Here you can hear the music I chose. It is right at the beginning of the video as an intro.

P.S. An other easy place to start is your video editing program. I think they usually have some sound effects you can use freely.

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