I Thought I Bought a Standard TN

I have been wondering about the standard size (11x21cm) lately. I would like to try it but it’s a size that you don’t find in common stores here in Finland.

That’s why last month I bought three A5 size notebooks and cut them down to the standard size. I showed those cut notebooks in my April spending video.

Yesterday when I was at the local bookstore I found to my great surprise a standard size TN with three notebooks. I was amazed!

Okay, the TN was made of some kind of plastic or something. But it had three notebooks that looked beautiful.

Then I turned the package and it said 11,2 x 22,1 cm so it really was the standard size (or so I believed).

The prize was only 4,95 € so it was an offer I couldn’t resist. I just had to buy it.

I was very happy to have found a cover for my standard notebooks so that I could get a real feel of a standard TN.

But then I made the unboxing and the rest of the story you can find in the video below.

Spending Tracker April 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, the April spending results are finally in.

The month wasn’t a no spend but not bad either.

I bought some vellum to make more pencil boards for my Hobonichi Weeks and passport size TN.

Then I also bought three A5 size notebooks to cut them in standard size (21x11cm). In the video I show you the end result of my very inexpensive standard size TN experiment.

May is the last month of my No Online Orders Challenge so I’m anxious to see what happens to my spending in June. Stay tuned if you too want to see that 😉