How Long Does It Take to Make a Youtube Video

This video was supposed to be a quick process – done in a day. And it was done in one day but it wasn’t as quick as I hoped it to be.

Here’s an overview how long the process took me:

  • planning 33 minutes
  • filming 33min (raw material 14min 20sec)
  • editing 4h 15min (end result 7min 57sec)
  • publishing 32min (doesn’t contain social media posts, only uploading process to Youtube, but not the wait time)

That’s in total about 6 hours which isn’t quick in my opinion. I spend the rest of my day editing because I had in my head that I want to get the video out on the 1st of April.

What I Learned

I need to quit before it’s too late. I need to stop the process and do the things I need to do to get a good night sleep.   

I need to prioritize feeling refreshed and full of energy the next morning over publishing the same day. That way I will have energy also the next day to make the things I want and love.  

As you see, I had energy to publish this post first two days after I published the video. Hence my point exactly.

The End Result