How to Feel Like a Pro Youtuber

Twelth time the charm – or how did that saying go 😉

Finally I’m proud of my video and was excited to publish it on Youtube.

Of course I have been proud of myself previously too for having the courage to even publish online. But this time I was also proud of the video.

Maybe the charm came at least partly from filming it twice…

What I Learned

On the first round I messed up.

After taking a close up at the very beginning of the film I forgot to refocus and the rest of the video was blurry… There was no way I could have put that on Youtube.

But that fail was actually a blessing.

When watching the first video I realized that I shouldn’t have anything with a glare on my video if I don’t want my face and everything else what’s around me to be seen. So on the second try I took the plastic cover away right at the beginning of the video.

Thanks to re-filming the editing process was a lot smoother and I got this video out on Youtube the same afternoon.

What’s New in This Video

Last time I added music to the beginning and now I added it also to the end of the video – and I love it!

With a proper intro and ending it is so easy to make the video seem more professional. Like I were a pro Youtuber.

The End Result