I Thought I Bought a Standard TN

I have been wondering about the standard size (11x21cm) lately. I would like to try it but it’s a size that you don’t find in common stores here in Finland.

That’s why last month I bought three A5 size notebooks and cut them down to the standard size. I showed those cut notebooks in my April spending video.

Yesterday when I was at the local bookstore I found to my great surprise a standard size TN with three notebooks. I was amazed!

Okay, the TN was made of some kind of plastic or something. But it had three notebooks that looked beautiful.

Then I turned the package and it said 11,2 x 22,1 cm so it really was the standard size (or so I believed).

The prize was only 4,95 € so it was an offer I couldn’t resist. I just had to buy it.

I was very happy to have found a cover for my standard notebooks so that I could get a real feel of a standard TN.

But then I made the unboxing and the rest of the story you can find in the video below.